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2013 Annual Convention Raffle Pieces, Annual Pin, and Convention Souvenir

By Sharon Fenner

Tickets are available to all members for $4 each or 3/$10.  The drawing will be held following the NFGS banquet on Monday evening, July 29th.  You need not be present to win.


She is a beautiful one-of-a-kind Burmese Bridesmaid doll designed and hand-painted by award-winning Fenton designer Robin Spindler, at the Fenton Art Glass Company.  The detail is exquisite!  She is embellished with white enamel and 14K gold.  She would be a stunning addition to your collection!  MJ13_NFGSDollskirt.JPG


Our second raffle item for 2013 is an awesome one-of-a-kind Opal Chessie Box with a matching Curious Cat.  This adorable set was designed and hand-painted by former Fenton designer CC Hardman.  We have a cute little Siamese kitty snoozing in the pansy bed.  Meanwhile, its friend is patiently waiting for him to wake up so they can have a little fun!  The detail is incredible!   Note the pansies on the lid, and the complementing bands of color.  this set would surely put a smile on your face every time you looked at it.


Tickets are available to all members for $4 each or 3/$10.  The drawing will be held following the NFGS banquet on Monday evening, July 29th.  You need not be present to win.  The raffle items will be shipped, postage paid, shortly after the convention.



NFGS 23rd Annual Convention Pin 

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, this is the cutest annual pin offered to the NFGS members.  The Lop-ear Bunny was the first Fenton critter decorated in the NFGS exclusive "Patches" design.  The pins are available to members for $6 each.  They won't be available until the 2013 convention.  Pins ordered by members not attending the convention will be shipped following the convention.

Just a little teaser - watch the July/August issue of The Fenton Flyer for information regarding a couple one-of-a-kind auction items that will be available to absentee bidders.


NFGS Convention Souvenir is Just Ducky!

This Burmese Duckling was chosen as the 2013 convention souvenir.  It was designed and hand-painted in the exclusive NFGS "Patches" design by Fenton award-winning designer JK Spindler.  Only 55 are available for $40 each to NFGS members.  Order early to ensure receiving this little duckling to add to your "Patches" collection.MJ13NFGSDuck.JPG


A Memorial Tribute to Delmer Stowasser

By Anne Nelson and Millie Coty


The glass world lost a favorite son on April 3, 2013, when Delmer Gene Stowasser passed away at the age of 85.  Delmer came to Fenton in May 1965 where he worked in the hot metal department until he retired in March 1990.  While at Fenton he was especially known for creating the Robert Barber-designed lines in the mid-1970s and for his work with Vasa Murrhina, including the freehand pieces and animals.  

The NFGS was honored to have Delmer join the "Dream Team" reunion last summer at our 2012 convention when Robert Barber was our featured guest.   Delmer, Dave Fetty, and Robert Barber were able to work together, socialize, and share their Fenton experiences with NFGS members. 

MJ13_Delmer_swirls.JPG MJ13_Dream_Team_p8.JPG


A Very Special "Just Cuz"

By Anne Nelson

"Just Cuz" it Says Fenton

By Anne Nelson

Below is a dish listed on eBay as "Fenton Glass Candy Dish with Lid".  This is a recent foreign-made dish.  Protect yourself by stopping by the Dollar Stores, Crate & Barrel and the Pottery Barn to familiarize yourself with items like this.

At right, top,  is a creamer and sugar set made by the Fry Glass Company.  The center candlesticks were made in the 1920s by the Northwood Company in their Russet color.

"Know your Fenton shapes!"

MJ13_Dollar_Store_Dish__2.JPG MJ13_Russet_Sticks.JPG

This picture is of a green satin tray made by Tiffin.


Stretch Glass Society Convention

July 24 - 26, 2013


A New Fenton Gem - and a Bit of NFGS History

By Doug McIntosh


Sage Mist - the first pieces were created in 1991.  It is an opaque color similar to Mongolian Green, only lighter.  The Sage Mist color was first used only for items made for Tiara.  In 1991 the NFGS struck a deal to have the #791 Peacock vase made in that color.  Also made in that color was the Happiness Bird.  Twenty plus years later, for the 2013 membership mouse, it was the chosen color - with mice created both in Sage Mist and Sage Mist Iridized.  The #2961 Sage Mist iridized vase has been documented as having been made in 1991.


MJ13_Happiness_Bird_125.JPGMJ13_Gem_Vase.JPG MJ13_Peacock_Vase.JPG

Creative Fenton Lamps and Light Fixtures         MJ13_Lamp_2.JPG


Make Plans to attend the

23rd Annual NFGS Convention

July 27, 28, & 29

Enjoy a cruise on the Valley Gem!!



eBay Finds...... By Ckris Cord

Right:  Fenton Rare Carnival Glass Diamond 3-Horn Epergne Stunning Colors Mint Condition

Below left:  Vintage Fenton Cranberry Coin Dot/Spot Vase In Unusual Form

Below right:  Fenton Art Glass - Cranberry Opal. Rib Optic 4" Basket - Very Rare 1930s

Row 3 left:  Fenton French Opal. Vanity Boxtle (Puff Box with Perfume) 7.5" Rare Mint N R

Row 3 Right Top:  Fenton Flame Crest Double Crimped Ruffled Bowl

Row 3 Right Bottom:  Rare Rare Rare Fenton Gold Crest Melon Pitcher 1943 High Collar

MJ13_Cranberry_Coin_Dot.JPG MJ13_Striped_Basket.JPG
MJ13_FO_Boxtel.JPG MJ13_Flame_Crest.JPGMJ13_Gold_Crest_Jug.JPG

Left:  Vintage Fenton Art Glass Emerald Green Opalescent Coin Dot 6" Ruffled Vase            Below:  Fenton Plum Opalescent Hobnail Low Cake Plate Rare HTF PlateMJ13_Purple_Plate.JPG

Below:  Fenton Sitting Cat Figurine - Rose Pearl (Dusty Rose Carnival) 1992 Gift Shop            Right:  Fenton Satin White Airbrush Budweiser Horse Brass Finger LampMJ13_Red_Cat.JPG


Off eBay Finds...... By Ckris Cord

Below:  Steigel Green Opalescent Hand-painted Swirl Vase (Fr. Opal. cased with Steigel Green)

Right top:  Rare 1930 Fenton Wisteria Satin Etched Glass Guest Set

Right bottom:  Fenton Glass RCA Nipper Dogs


Believe in the Magic:  a Guide to Collecting Contemporary Cameo Glass   By Kelsey Murphy and Robert Bomkamp

A book overview by Millie Coty


A perfect cameo glass is equal parts engineering technique and artistic precision.  It contains nine short chapters in which the authors explore what cameo glass is and what makes it very special.  

Publisher:  Studios of Heaven                       Published:  2012                                                             Price:  $45.00                                                                 Hardbound:  26 pages / Photographs:  color  Order by email or telephone:  studiosofheaven@aol.com or 304-849-4320    

Fenton Classics

By Perry Winkle

Right:  Unlisted mold shape bowl with 12 ribs and panels.  This mold had also been used to make a 14" underplate to complete a salad bowl and underplate set in the Wistaria pattern.

Below:  A familiar mold shape which Fenton used to make the three-toed Leaf and Orange Tree cupped rose bowl.  These are called Fenton's flowers by collectors.


Right:  #182 Crystal satin etched vase in the rare Wild Rose pattern.  (circa 1939 - 1940) ..................................................................MJ13_Leaf_Tier_Bowl.JPG




The Fenton eBay Barometer:
Old Carnival, Rare Cats, and Lamps Still Sunny for Sellers

By A. Fenton Fann

Clockwise:  1986 Burmese Mariner Lamp - $500; Green Carnival vintage 9-inch plate - $1,124.32; Spruce Green/White Slag 5165 Cat - $899; Dave Fetty Ruby/Black blown 5165 cat - $780.79; 


Green Carnival 9.5-inch Peter Rabbit plate - $2,165.26; Blue Parkersburg Elks' souvenir bell - $1,445.09.  These items sold on eBay during the months of February and March.

MJ13_Peter_Rabbit_Plate.JPG MJ13_Vintage_plate_Carnival_-_AMN_adj.JPG
MJ13_fetty_cat.JPG MJ13_Spruce_Cat.JPG

Keep Your Eyes Open

By John Walk

Pictured above are two replica Atterbury Swan Lamps.  Cliff Gorham, owner of Heartlights, had the lamps made by Fenton in 1989.

Right:  In a 1961 issue of LOOK Magazine there is an interesting article about an antique show in Locust Valley, NY. 

Below:  An Amber #182 7-inch vase made in 1952 or 1953, in the Frost treatment. 



The Addendum

By Keith Thomas

Words used to describe this Mosaic Fenton marble are:



True craftmanship

No bigger than a quarter in diameter




Wow!  You Found That on eBay?!?

By S. Holmes

This article provides many suggestions for finding that elusive piece of glass with an unconventional description.  

Right:  "Unique Set of Pink Depression Candle Holders" is Fenton's cornucopia candlesticks with the Poinsettia etch.

Below:  "Vintage Bashful Charlotte Flower Frog"


 is Fenton's nymph in Chinese Yellow.  She sold for $528. 

Right:  "Vintage Embossed Jadeite Ackro Agate Houze 11-inch Vase" is Fenton's Milady vase in Kitchen Green.   MJ13_Yellow_Nymph.JPG


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